iOS 12 Released: Everything You Need To know About The Features


iOS-12Apple released iOS 12 beta 1 for developers. We have downloaded and installed it on our devices. In this article we will analyze the operating system in detail and we will report all the news and changes compared to iOS 11.

What’s new in iOS 12 Beta 1

Speed ​​and performance.

iOS 12 includes a lot of optimizations that improve the responsiveness of the system. Up to 70% faster when opening and taking a picture, up to 50% faster when viewing the keyboard, twice faster when launching applications and more.


As soon as the iPhone was updated, we noticed a complete change in the display and management of Push Notifications. Also, we noticed a change in the Lockscreen regarding the Push Notifications.

New Background.

A new Background is introduced with the firmware.



In the Push Notifications from the Lockscreen, you can swipe from right to left to bring up the item “Manage”. This will open a context menu that will allow us to customize notifications for that particular application.


In particular we can choose to “receive them as secondary notifications” or as notifications that are displayed in the Notification Center and with the Badge on the application icon but are not shown in Lockscreen. This should improve the user experience by reducing distractions.

Even when using the 3D Touch we will have the ability to manage notifications as primary or secondary. Just touch the 3 dots at the top right.

New “Screen Usage”

The new “Screen Usage” item has been added to Settings. In the upper part is shown a chart where we have an immediate mirror of the app that we use the most when we have the phone in hand. Further down we can adjust:

Downtime: that is the time after which our Lockscreen becomes completely black and will show us only the clock without showing any push notification. It’s a useful function at night, when we wake up and we want to see what time it is but we are invaded by the notifications screen that distract us, attract our attention and make us lose sleep.

ios-12-screen-timeUsage limits by app type: Where we can set daily usage limits. For example, we can limit our use of social networks to 2 hours a day. The iPhone will keep track of our activities and when we reach the limit will also be shown Reminders just to remind us to go slowly because we are close to the limit.

Always allowed: It allows us to select the applications from which we intend to receive alerts even when using the Downtime function. Presets we find the Phone, Messages and FaceTime app. Phone can not be removed, the others can and we can add more to this Whitelist if necessary.

Contents and Privacy: Another context menu from which we can decide which restrictions apply to content, applications, and so on


In Messages, there are 4 new Animoji: Tiger, Koala, T-Rex and ghost.

But Memoji was introduced, to personalize animojis to resemble real people. After creating your 3D avatar you can use it almost anywhere: in video messages, such as stickers, video calls and photos. The editor is very simple and we will show it better in a dedicated article.


Another novelty in the messages is the integrated camera. By clicking on the icon, we will immediately enter the shooting mode and we will be able to select a new button to add animoji on our face, Filters, text, shapes and stickers.

Simplified multitasking on iPhone X

On iPhone X it’s easier to close apps in multitasking. After calling up the screen with a swipe from bottom to top, we will only have to take an application preview and launch it upwards. In practice it is no longer necessary to press on the preview, wait for the red (X) to appear and then swipe to close.

New 3D Touch Action in the Control Center on “Do Not Disturb”

iOS-12-notifications-A 3D Touch action is added to the Control Center on the moon icon (Do Not Disturb). Now it allows us to activate it quickly only for an hour, until tomorrow morning, or until we move from the place where we are. We also give you an extra treat, if you use the Calendar to memorize commitments, you will see a fourth entry with the words “Until the end of this event” and the title that you entered in the calendar will appear below.

Metro App

New “Metro” application to perform measurements with Augmented Reality
New Measure application (Metro) with a ruler icon. In practice it is nothing but a digital “meter” that exploits ARKit and augmented reality to make very precise measurements in various units of measurement including the metric system. It works in two ways: the first is by clicking a button to select the starting point to be measured and then moving the smartphone to frame the point of arrival. As soon as the line is drawn, we will display the measurement on the screen.

The second method, works with rectangular objects. Similar to the function of recognizing the documents to be scanned, when we place a rectangular object in front of the camera, the edges will be automatically outlined giving us the height and width in an instant. Within this app the Livella has been integrated, previously included in the Bussola app.

Two new Widgets in the Control Center

Remaining in Settings, 2 new Widgets have been added under the Control Center. The first is called Udito and the second is called QR Camera. With Hearing we can see the remaining battery status on wireless headphones or other audio accessories. In my case I only see the AirPods but the widget is definitely not very useful if it only serves this, given the integration in the Notification Center. Even QR Camera is not very useful because it does nothing but start the camera where a screen will explain to us that we can also scan QR code.

Face ID supports a second face for dual authentication

In Settings> Face ID and Code> we discover two new features. The first is the entry “Other apps” that shows the list of applications that use Face ID or Touch ID as an unlocking system to protect our data. From here we can revoke access to them.

The second change concerns Face ID, which can now be configured with an alternative aspect. Face ID is able to automatically improve with time, always better recognizing the owner of the iPhone but, should we have difficulty in some circumstances, we could make a second scan of our face, maybe while wearing glasses, hat, etc., in such a way to make it more precise. We can also potentially scan the face of another person, thus guaranteeing access to your phone.

iOS Update

It is now possible to decide whether to enable or disable automatic iOS updates
In Settings> General> Software Update> it is now possible to decide whether or not to enable automatic updating to the next version of iOS. The option is deactivated by default, just as it should be.

Renewed Battery statistics panel

In Settings> Battery have been introduced charts that show us the use of the battery of our iPhone, with a breakdown between battery downloaded with the app in the foreground and the one downloaded with the screen inactive. These graphs were extended to 10 days instead of 7 as on the previous system. Then follows the traditional list of apps with the percentage of battery usage or time of use.

Screen Time

New Widget in the Notification Center called “Scree Time” that shows briefly how much time you are using the messaging app, Safarion and so on. It is a way to gain greater awareness of how we use the device.

More attempts to unlock the iPhone X with Face ID.

With iOS 11 when the iPhone X does not recognize our face when the screen is turned on, we still have the ability to swipe up (like to enter HomeScreen) and a second facial control takes place.

When this attempt fails, we have no choice but to enter the numeric code, or lock the screen again and repeat the procedure from the beginning. With iOS 12 finally we have a greater number of attempts through Face ID. Also in the code input screen, in fact, we will display the lower cleat to scroll up to start the facial scan again at the right time.

Quick access to FaceTime within iMessage

In the Messages you have added quick access to FaceTime Audio, FaceTime Video and Info. Simply click on the name and drop down a special menu.

New password Suggestion

There is a new API that manages passwords on iOS 12 and allows you to provide suggestions for auto fillnpassword fields even if the latter were saved in third-party applications such as 1Password. iOS 11 can do it with the Safari Keychain but iOS 12 can do it with any app and even combine the results together.

Minor improvements for Siri

Siri can now answer questions about famous people, food and motorcycles. Siri can also search for passwords and create memories in the Photos application.

Siri’s suggestions evolve

Siri’s Suggestions also improve. In Settings – Siri – we can also enable hints in Lockscreen that will be automatic according to our habits.

Add to Siri button

Siri will be able to learn new things both within specific applications and through the Siri Shortcuts application that will be released in a few months in the App Store. Essentially in the app developers will be able to insert a key combining it with a specific action. Users will have to do is press it and establish the question to be connected. In this way, when we ask that particular thing, Siri will provide the answer and show us what we are looking for.

Siri Shortcuts

ie the ability to teach new things to Siri and to initiate flows of linked actions with a single command.

With Siri Shortcuts instead, we will have an evolution of the Workflow application. We can create automated workflows and control them through Siri. In this way we can say “Siri show me the train times to go to Caserta” and the assistant will start that flow (previously created by us), will perform all the operations and then we will provide the answer

New Lock Screen option: disable access to Wallet, disable USB Accessories

There is a new option to disable access to Wallet and USB accessories when the iPhone is locked. This will require unlocking the iPhone before the USB accessory can function after it has not been used for 1 hour. This makes life difficult for unauthorized unlocking tools like GrayKey box.

Voice Memo completely redesigned, also comes on iPad and Mac

The voice memo application has been completely recreated. Interface is always very essential, has a big red recording button, the note list is shown on a white background and the recording editor is on a black background. The app is now also available on iPad and MacOS Mojave so as to synchronize all the notes with the various devices.

Show site icons in the Safari tabs.

The new Safari feature that is enabled in Settings – Safari that allows you to add a small favicon on the tabs of each open website. There are also many other experimental features for Safari, and this icon is disabled by default but we find it very pretty and useful to extricate themselves among many open tabs.

Podcast application now has the adjustable buttons.

Specifically we can adjust how many seconds to forward or back a podcast when pressing the corresponding buttons on the sides of the Play. We can choose from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. The Podcast app also comes on Apple Watch and will play podcasts to which you are subscribed by iPhone.

iBook App

The iBooks application becomes Apple Book and is completely renovated in the App Store style.
In Italian it is now called “Books” and the sections are really well divided and well managed now.

Photos application gets several improvements and changes.

In the Photos application we now find a new Tab called “For you”. Here the Siri Suggestions find expression in Memories, where we will display photos taken 1 year ago, 2 years ago and so on, we will also find various albums organized by location or other options.

Still in the For You section, using the iCloud Photo Library, Siri will be able to automatically recognize the friends present in our photos and can suggest to send them the photos where they appear. If the friend accepts, the favor will be returned, making a pop up appear where in turn they will be able to send us the photos in their possession where we are present.

The Album screen has been changed a lot. Now instead of seeing lots of folders for how many albums we have created, we will see 4 folders in the foreground that we can move horizontally, follows a second block with photos grouped by people or places, and then a text list, without previews for Videos, Selfie, Live Photos, Portraits, and so on, including the recently deleted photo album. The last Tab is “Search” placed in this way to give it greater prominence since it has always been little used.

FaceTime gets group video call

It will allow you to communicate with up to 32 people at the same time. The screen will be dynamic and we will see the windows of friends who speak bigger than the others and will position themselves in the foreground. We can then choose to enlarge a particular person by touching it. Also in FaceTime we can use the same filters in iMessage and even the Memoji made by us, which will be applied on our head and will follow our movements.

ARKit 2

Which makes games in virtual reality compatible with multiple players at the same time. It also integrates a scan mode of real objects that immediately makes them virtual, animated and interactive. A new USDZ file format is introduced that allows you to integrate 3D objects into virtual magazines, documents, presentations and even websites. With this system we can virtualize the object we are going to buy in our room in real size and much more yet

Improved and more advanced Privacy controls

The new legislation requires users to display a message and decide whether or not to consent to the use of cookies by all existing websites. Implementing this control is to the managers of the sites themselves but Apple has gone further by integrating this control directly in the Safari browser for iPhone, iPad and Mac. This way even if the websites do not care to comply with the law and make you choose whether to use the cookies or less, the browser will do it for you.

Autofill for Two-factor SMS codes

When an app sends us an SMS with a security code to be entered to confirm our identity, now iOS will recognize those numbers in the messages and we will propose the automatic insertion with autofill in the keyboard suggestions. With a touch we will insert everything and we will not have to remember it.

CarPlay will integrate third-party browsers

If you do not like Apple Maps, you can also use Google Maps, Waze and anything else to navigate with your CarPlay car.

Student card in Wallet

It is possible to save a student ID within the Wallet application so we can get access to dorms, bookstores, events, museums and so on.

Photos in RAW format

The iPad Pro can now natively edit photos in RAW format

Improved camera

Improve the Portrait Lightnig mode (photo studio). In the past it often happened that the edges were bad, but now this mode generates a mask when it recognizes a person and intelligently separates the person from the scene. It also improves the scanning of QR codes and the Portrait Segmentation API is introduced that allows developers to create applications in which you can separate the various levels of a photo as the background, the subject and more

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