In every WWDC, there is a improvement of  a new operating system. In just 5 months,  we will see the new versions of both iOS, and macOS, tvOS and watchOS. In this space of time we will see concepts about these operating systems created to capture what a lot of users would like to see in the updates.

In this iOS 12 concept created by Ascending News,  the firmware is partially renovated in terms of design, a blocking screen with notifications grouped by applications, a guest mode, a real energy saving mode and the possibility of restricting access to apps by Face ID.

One of the first changes we observed at the aesthetic level is the disappearance of the name of the apps just below the icon on the home screen. This allows a much cleaner and more homogeneous design, but we will have to know what applications we have for the icon and not for its name.

In addition, in the concept of iOS 12 we see that you could use the potential of Face ID to unlock applications so that only the owner of the iPhone can access them. Starting from this idea, the guest mode is also created, in which we can select which applications a person outside the owner can enter, so that we can leave the iPhone without compromising our personal data.

On the home screen we see a modification of how notifications are displayed. In this concept we see how notifications will be grouped by applications, which will allow us to visualize how many we have and which app. On the other hand, there is a real saving mode based on the deactivation of some pixels, reducing the energy requirements, and saving the battery.

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