iOS 12 release date

As Apple Keynote about the presentation of the new iPhone Xs took place yesterday, the new iOS 12 final version will see the light of the day next week, followed by the new watchOS 5, and macOS Mojave.

Below, you will find all the details of the launch dates of all the new operating systems.

As mentioned above, Apple released the Golden Master of the twelveth version of iOS for developers, a version equivalent to the final version that can be installed on your devices as of now, just head to  from Safari browser on your phone and there is already a release date set for next Monday, September 17.

iOS 12 supports devices from the iPhone 5s and the iPad Mini 2, which are surprisingly are quite old but Apple wants to give a second life; The launch of iOS 12 will be accompanied by watchOS 5. The new macOS Mojave on the other hand, will see the light on Monday, September 24, the other operating systems will be launched at the same time.

So you know already or maybe still thinking if, have you thought, or not, on whether you should buy any of the new iPhone or failing Apple Watch (or both) you can upgrade your devices to the new iOS 12, and once again we recommend updating as you will notice improvement in all your devices.

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