Luca Todesco has successfully jailbroken iPhone XS running on iOS 12, which means the public release is closer than anticipated.

Many still talking about the procedure in 2018 is quite outdated, but there are still communities of hackers or security experts who reach the desired to find a result on time. Achieved precisely by an already known as Yalu for unlocking previous Apple iOS firmware.

On his Twitter profile, Luca Todesco made it known on October 5 to have reached iOS 12 jailbreak with the new iPhone XS Max. The goal cannot be called a unique, since last September the Pangu team has announced to have reached the same goal.

Despite the steps taken to jailbreak iOS 12, the question is whether the lack of interest in the tool that has been recorded over the years, makes it still sensible the work of developers like Todesco and more?

The excitement of the release process, which is expected for weeks and months after the availability of each new firmware and Apple have long been finished. And yet they are already nostalgic or simply will not even contempt to the release of the jailbreak tool today.

Also, there are still those who follow the work of hackers and hopes to publish a tool, maybe even untethered, to be installed on your new or old iPhone?

(Source: @qwertyoruiopz [Twitter])

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