ios12 installation rates

Almost three and a half months after its launch, the iOS 12 operating system is installed on 78% of the devices released in the last four years, according to the updated installation statistics of iOS 12 shared on the support page of the App Store for developers.

Apple, in fact, now shows iOS adoption data in two ways, one covering recent devices and one covering all devices, even older ones.

78% of all devices released by Apple in the last four years use iOS 12, while 75% of all devices have installed the update. 17% of users continue to use iOS 11 instead, while only 5% of devices released in the last four years run an older version of iOS.

iOS 12 has been installed on 70% of all devices and 72% of recent devices since December 4, so the installation rates of Apple’s latest operating system have grown only a few percentage points in the last month.

iOS 12, however, is adopted more quickly than iOS 11. On 25 January 2018, in fact, iOS 11 was installed on only 65% ​​of active iOS devices, probably because of the many bugs affecting the iOS 11 operating system. adoption for iOS 12, however, are more similar to those of iOS 10, operating system that was installed on 76% of devices active as of 5 January 2017.
Apple’s ability to quickly spread software updates to most of its user base has always given it an edge over Android, with Apple delivering new features and security updates in a timely manner.

Most Android users continue to use operating systems like Marshmallow, Nougat or Lollipop instead of newer versions of Android, such as Oreo and Pie.

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