iOS 12 Officially Announced: Features And Release Date


iOS 12Apple officially announced  iOS 12 during the opening keynote of the WWDC 2018. The new firmware focuses on the speed and stability of the system. These improvements will also be felt on virtually all devices, including those more “older” like the iPhone 5s that will still be supported by the new update. Apple estimates a performance improvement between 40% and 70% depending on the daily operations that will be performed.

Apple has also worked to extend Augmented Reality support throughout the entire operating system. Now even apps like Messages, Mail and Safari can take advantage of ARKit and can therefore integrate virtual elements within a real context taken directly from the camera of the device. In this regard, a new native application is introduced, called Measures with which it will be possible to measure the elements in augmented reality. Nothing that had not already been seen in the past through third-party applications, but now integrated into iOS 12.

-ARKit 2: At the same time ARKit 2 was also announced, now able to detect 3D objects and to share experiences of augmented reality with other users. In fact, during the presentation some demos of augmented reality games were shown in which more users participated.

-SiriKit: iOS 12 also improves Siri: now the user can create specific “key phrases” to recall a specific action. For example, we can simply say “football results” to open our favorite app to watch the results of the last games. Apple’s voice assistant also becomes even more proactive: in fact, we will find some suggestions both in the lock screen and in the search screen that will invite us to make certain recurring actions. For example: if we usually call a person when we leave our home, Siri will offer us a suggestion for this action. Siri’s translations are now available in over 40 language pairs, with more knowledge about sports, celebrities, foods and nutrition. And Siri is also able to retrieve your favorite photos based on people, places, events, topics and when they were taken.

-Apple News: Apple has also worked on improving some system applications. Among these is News, slightly revised and now also integrated with the Borsa app to obtain relevant information on the market. Among other things, the Borsa app now also arrives on the iPad.

-Shortcut app: Among the new features of iOS 12, there is a new Shortcut app, which is basically the reincarnation of Workflow (recently acquired by Apple) in the form of a native app. The operation is the same as always: it will be possible to create specific actions to automate certain processes. Predefined shortcuts will be provided, but users will be able to create their own custom workflows or save those shared by other users. For example, it will be possible to create a shortcut to automatically activate the navigation towards home. Everything will always be concentrated in Siri and it will be possible to simply use the “key phrase” to activate everything.

-Photos app:Changes also for the Photo app that is enriched with a drastically improved search: now you can search for places, categories, museums, etc. All even with more than one keyword. There will also be a new section “For you” in the Photos application where you can watch the memories or get suggestions for sharing or effects to apply to the shots.

-CarPlay is also updated with support to third-party browsers (such as Google Maps, Waze, etc.). Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch is now compatible with student ID cards, so it is easier to access everything on campus.

-Do Not Disturb: iOS 12 also improves the Do Not Disturb feature by rethinking it completely. Now you can program it for certain times, or during events or in specific locations. All these modes can be selected via the 3D Touch. Also during the night a new simplified screen is shown with the weather and other essential information. It will also be possible to activate the Do Not Disturb for a period “to expiration”

Finally, notifications with iOS 12 are renewed! The most important news concerns the possibility of grouping by app, avoiding the classic and very obnoxious plank. It also introduces “silent” notifications and those that prevent the screen from crashing.

-Notifications:Another new feature is the Screen Time function, designed to provide an overview of the applications and the time of use of each of them, the number of notifications received from each app, etc. An ideal function to avoid being harassed by contents that, in reality, do not really interest us and end up making us waste more time than we would like. Furthermore, it will be possible to activate a function to automatically limit the usage time of a specific application.

As for iPhone X, then, new Animoji (including that of T-Rex, Koala, Tigre, etc.) that now also support the recognition of the language, to be even more expressive. But even more interesting are the new Memoji, Apple’s answer to the very bad AREMOJI from Samsung. With Memoji you can create a three-dimensional user avatar that can be used for all communications with our friends.

In the Messages application – and in particular for iMessage – the new live effects (Fun effects), with text, Animoji and Memoji, arrive. Everything can then be shared as a photo within iMessage.

Improvements also for FaceTime which will now support group calls with more than two people … many more! You can in fact arrive at a group video call that contains even 32 people! Users can also “add” to a call already in progress. Inside FaceTime video you can also use the funny effects seen before in iMessage and then you can also use Animoji and Memoji!

The new iOS 12 will be available on all devices that have received, a year ago, iOS 11. This means iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 , iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X and all iPad and iPod models supported by the previous operating system.

Improvements also for privacy and security. In Safari, the improved intelligent antitracking system prevents “Like” or “Share” buttons and commenting widgets on social networks to track users’ activities without their permission. Safari also now provides simplified system information when browsing users to prevent their activities from being tracked based on system configuration. Plus it creates, automatically inserts and stores secure passwords when users open new online accounts, and signals the passwords already used to change them.

iOS 12 will be a free update for all users and will be available in the fall. The first beta version for developers will instead be available starting today, while the first public beta will be available in the coming days.

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