iOS 13.3.1 beta 2 released to addresses location tracking privacy issues


Roughly a month after the news broke about the iPhone 11 tracking users’ location, some concerns rose about the latest Apple devices

From what has been published on the web, it seems that the continuous tracking of the user’s location is no longer a problem thanks to the latest published beta of iOS 13.3.1. The problem was always intrinsic to the UWB chip present in the latest iPhone models.

On the other hand, Apple continues to maintain its position with vague answers that are not properly aimed at the specific presence of a problem. Just in response to what had been discovered, Apple’s engineers announced that there are no potential flaws that could compromise the safety of users of the iPhone 11 Pro users. In any case, the engineers worked to answer the many questions and include a dedicated toggle in the system services section. This way, users can enable or disable this feature at will.

To do so in iOS 13.3.1, head now under the heading Privacy – Localization – System services we can then go to disable the item Networking & Wireless. In this way, disabling this option could have negative effects on the Bluetooth connection, WiFi and more.

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