Apple released the new iOS 13 beta 4 to developers only. In addition to the usual improvements and bug fixes, there are also some minor new features.

First, let me remind you that this iOS firmware is in beta phase, we do not recommend you to install it. If you have also chosen to do so, you should take into consideration the risks of a device running a firmware version that is not completely adapted.

Check out below for bugs solved in iOS 13 Beta 4 that do not look like much:

  • Improved screen sensitivity that becomes correct again
  • Slightly improved LTE coverage problems – 4G
  • Improved the delay when connecting the charging cable
  • Correction of the deployment animation in the Control Center and Notification Center
  • Improved “Easy reach” animation
  • Improved camera autofocus and image stabilization.
  • Excessive battery consumption at rest, offering values ​​and non-progressive autonomy drops.
  • Problems with the screen lock while we make a call that prevents us from hanging
  • Problems with receiving calls, the iPhone appears as off or out of coverage
  • Blocking applications: Wallapop, Imaginbank, YouTube
  • Errors that make the keyboard disappear randomly.

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