iOS 13 Features for the Next Big Update


With Apple new products for 2019, you could already read which hardware Apple is likely to release this year. In terms of software, we can also count on iOS 13, the next major update for the iPhone and iPad.

More is known every day about what will be included in this update, even though the update has not yet been officially announced. That happens during the WWDC 2019 in June, Apple’s annual conference for developers.

What new features are coming and what we are expecting for iOS 13?

Dark mode

The dark mode is still a much sought-after function. In macOS Mojave, Apple already added the dark mode, so as far as we’re concerned it’s now iOS’s turn. And it seems to be finally there because there are already several reliable sources that confirm the arrival of the dark mode.

Apple has already shown with the dark mode on the Mac that they can give developers excellent tools to support the dark mode and there are already many iOS apps that have a darker appearance of their own. Apple can build this in so that the night mode is activated automatically or is always active.

New layout for home screen

A year ago we already wrote that Apple had deliberately postponed new features to 2019 so that they could focus on performance and quality on iOS 12. That rumor turned out to be pretty good, given that the performance of iOS 12 received a big boost. One of the postponed functions would be a new layout of the home screen.

In terms of structure and basis, iOS has not changed in those for nearly twelve years. The home screen consists of a grid of a number of icons of the apps that you have installed. In principle, this still works fine in 2019, but there may be some more dynamics on the screen.

Especially on the iPad, there is room enough to make the home screen more versatile. We just hope that Apple does not change the home screen “to change it,” but that it is actually better and yet feels familiar. Given that Apple has many years of experience.

iPad changes

In iOS 13, Apple would like to address this with the next step for iPad multitasking. Rumors are that you will soon be able to use multiple tabs in a single app, as is already the case on the Mac. This way you can switch between multiple screens, which is useful on the iPad. Apple would even go further by intruducing multiple windows of the same app on the iPad, similar to how that works on the Mac.

It must also be possible to use two of the same apps in Split View. At the moment you always need two apps for Split View to support this. The only exception to this is Safari. You can use two web pages simultaneously next to each other thanks to Split View in Safari. This could therefore just be a prelude to the more extensive version of Split View.

Other improvements

There are many more wishes and possible improvements that we would like to see in iOS 13:

  • Redesigned volume HUD.
  • Font management: a new profile is now required for new fonts in apps that support this. In iOS 13, according to sources, a setting that makes this easier.

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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