iOS 13 Screenshots Show Upcoming Major Update


A few days before the WWDC, 9to5Mac has shared some screenshots of iOS 13 that show some of the new operating system features.

The screenshots of iOS 13 show the long-awaited dark mode we talked about in the past. The Dark Mode can be activated from the Settings app or from the Notification Center for even faster access. On the Home screen, the only noticeable change in this mode is the Dock which adopts a slightly darker background. It is likely that Apple will add new backgrounds to make the Dark Dock stand out more on iOS 13.

In the Music app, the Dark Mode is more obvious as Apple uses a totally black background, perfect for the OLED screen of the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max. Choosing this mode can also positively affect battery life since the OLED display must not activate black pixels.

Another change to the interface on iOS 13 can be seen after capturing a screenshot. In this case, you notice a blurred background on the back (with iOS 12 the background is gray) and a new toolbar that shows more realistic pen and pencil icons.

The same interface has also been redesigned on iPad, with the toolbar that can be dug up on the screen.

Then comes the confirmation that the Find my friends and Find my iPhone apps will be unified. The new app is currently called “Find My” app which brings significant improvements: the interface shows a large map that fills the screen of the device, with a small window on the corner that lists the friends of the user and another card with the associated devices. When Dark mode is enabled, the map looks the same as Maps on macOS in Dark Mode. The icon has also been renewed.

iOS 13 is expected to be presented this coming Monday. So, stay tuned!

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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