The new iOS 13 improvements do not stop, more and more is being released now with the second beta version of the operating system.

In this case, Apple adds a pop-up window with a warning for those users who have applications with active subscriptions and are about to delete them when the app has an active subscription. This prevents the user from deleting the application.

Apple warns that even if we remove the application from our iPhone the subscription will remain active and may still be used in other devices so we will not have any problems at the time of using the same app on an iPad, for example. As mentioned by MacStories’ editor-in-chief Federico Viticci, who showed the pop-up window in his official Twitter account.

This is new in the beta 2 of iOS 13 allows managing subscriptions just in time prior to their removal from our iPhone or iPad. The subscription to any application can be managed in a simple way with this new feature and we can maintain or delete the subscription before being charged for it without having installed the app on our device.

This is rare since in many cases users have subscriptions controlled, but for those who do not have much control over what they are subscribed to, it is really a perfect warning.

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