iOS 15.4 beta fixes bug that stored Siri recordings without user authorization


Apple introduced a new option that allows users not to share their Siri recordings anonymously with Apple in2019. Currently, in iOS 15, This option is still available but might not work correctly in some cases.

Apple announces that a bug found in the first versions of iOS 15 possibly enabled conversations recordings shared with Siri with the company, even when the related authorization was disabled. To avoid privacy concerns, Apple had already completely disabled the sharing of Siri recordings with iOS 15.2.

The issue has been solved when Apple released the second beta of iOS 15.4 available for developers. They confirmed to ZDNet that the bug has been fixed, therefore iOS 15.4 will ask the user again whether or not he wants to activate the Siri recordings sharing. Any recordings shared improperly were because the company’s servers deleted the bug immediately after the identified problem.

Apple uses the anonymous recordings of users who interact with Siri to check if the assistant has answered the questions correctly to improve its functionality. If you want to enable or disable this option, head on to Settings> Privacy> Analysis and improvements from your Homescreen.

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