A couple of weeks in the past there used to be a hacking contest, a kind of the place somebody who will get to interrupt the protection device of a pc or cell, it may be owned. On this contest, Charlie took just a few seconds to interrupt the safety machine of an iPhone four and steal information from the terminal agenda.


After this contest, the means used to enter “by the back door” is made ​​public. This exploit (vulnerability) that allowed to reach the agenda of the iPhone 4 that was Charlie, is public also called as the competition ( Pwn2Own or hacks for quedártelo) and is present in Safari.

Apple fixed this vulnerability in OS X, Mac OS, but surprisingly have not done in IOS. That means that the hole is still present in the iPhone Safari 4.3.1 iOS , and could be used to make the Jailbreak, simply visiting a website, as was done with jailbreakme. It would be a jailbreak type userland.

It is important to note that the existence of this bug in Safari does not mean that there will be jailbreak using this vulnerability, but that could be done if the iPhone Dev Team and others were put to work with him. Time will tell if effectively used, or not.

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