iOS 5: a malicious program you’ll discover the images in a locked iPhone


Ade Barkah discovered a small flaw, a small glitch in iOS 5 to view the photographs taken via the iPhone when it’s locked . He defined that IOS is in response to the time at which the completely different photos had been taken (the phenomenon of the time stamp). The duty will also be completed with the aid of your self. Given that iOS 5, double-clicking the House button, a shortcut to the digicam seems on the lockscreen. It lets in the consumer to speedy slicing operate on his cellphone.


 But as the iPhone has been unlocked, you can not access the images already stored. The screen below appeared on the screen.

So, just go to the settings (Settings> General> Date and time) to switch to manual mode.Change such as the year 2012 in 2011. Now lock your iPhone again and click twice on the Home button to bring up the shortcut "Camera". Now, try to see the pictures already taken by clicking the bottom left. Tada, they appear as they should not .

Obviously, the problem is not a big deal every day since we are all configured by default automatically. Therefore no risk. But if you travel from one place to another and that the time zone is different, it will jam. Ade Barkah has also discovered this bug when he went to Argentina in from Canada.

The correction of this type of bug could emerge in a future software update iOS with version 5.0.2. Apple has so far not reported on the subject


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