In case you open the App Retailer and a couple of apps to offer an replace, can concurrently from iOS 5. Click on the "Replace alles' button and all updates are straight away subsequent to one another downloaded. Except the present iOS 4.3.3 apps are still on a date. It works well when you are connected to a 3G network or Wi-Fi. That's what beta testers of the new firmware detected and diverted to Apple apps. If you are connected to a 3G network, the maximum limit of 20 MB per app, however, are.


The simultaneous downloading applications seems very useful for wireless synchronization between different iOS systems, another feature of the iOS 5. Suppose you install three new universal apps on the iPhone. The next time your iPad turned be automatically downloaded and thus simultaneously. It can also do simultaneous downloading applications for the first time install on a device.

The ability to update applications with a 3G network is significantly larger. Apple announced at WWDC that app updates are no longer update the entire application, but only what has changed.This can significantly reduce the size of update downloads.

IOS in May will, by now well known, around September this year appear, whether or not accompanied by a new iPhone .


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