Apple as of late on the WWDC keynote announced new features for iOS 5.Scott Forstall, senior vice president of IOS software, announced that more than 200 new features in iOS 5 anyway. In the presentation, the 10 most important of these, beginning with notifications and a screen lock where more information can be seen.


1. Notifications

The first major innovation: an improved system for notifications . There are over 100 billion notifications sent to users, but they find the pop-ups that they iOS 4.x get rather intrusive.Therefore Apple has invented something new iOS 5: the Notification Center. Notifications will be visible when your finger down swipet top of the screen. These notifications are reminiscent of the way of Android is regulated, but they also think of MobileNotifier like Peter Hajas had developed.Any app that can send notifications, can be seen here. Also, weather and stock quotes have been included, where Apple has created beautiful animations.

You can change the behavior of some app customize alerts so you get no warnings for instance Facebook and SMS.

2. NewsStand

Newsstand with Apple released its own newspaper and magazine kiosk. All journals are one place to find and download the app also supports background processes.

3. Twitter integration

Apple has integrated most Twitter apps, such as Camera and Photos. From the gallery you can now instantly send a photo to Twitter. Through the general settings of the iPhone you can log on to Twitter to use all of these services. Of course you can tweet from Safari, from videos from YouTube or Google Maps (Maps). Integration with the address book. there is: your pictures automatically in Twitter profiles import your address book.

4. Safari

Apple claims Safari is the best mobile browser, and also the most popular. 64% of mobile browser usage occurs in Safari, but while Android 27 percent. There is a new Safari Reader button in the address bar, like Safari on the desktop. This gives the page a new layout, making it easier to read on the iPhone and iPad . You can also view the complete contents of a Web e-mail, including link. The functions can be used on the iPhone and iPad .Another new feature in Safari's Reading List. This allows you to articles to read at a later time, comparable with Read It Later. You can synchronize multiple saved items IOS devices and Mac OS X browser, so between iPhone, iPad and Mac for example. During the demo was also shown that Safari on the iPad tabs to it.

5. Reminders

Reminders is a new takenapp for IOS. You can virtual Post-its with it, so there's no more sheets of paper lying around on your desk. Your phone reminds you that you need to do something. You can set reminders and assign them to different places notes and get a warning when you arrive somewhere or leave. All records are location-aware.

6. Camera

The iPhone is perhaps one of the best cameras for mobile phones. Popular is' ie in any case, because in Flickr, the iPhone for some time the most popular camera phone. To speed the camera kunnens challenge is now a camera shortcut on the lock screen to find. This is the right of the swipe-to-unlock -bar. You do not need to enter PIN, but you get through this button also can only access the camera function. Other apps remain inaccessible. You can pinch and zoom it. Keep your finger a little longer in the picture, you can lock autofocus and exposure. After you have taken a picture you can edit directly on the iPhone. There is thought to red-eye editing, fast optimization and the ability to crop.

7. Mail

Mail is one of the most used apps on the iPhone. Apple will make it even better: Search now works in the entire message, not only in the subject. The app also gets rich-text formatting, support for indentation, draggable addresses and marking messages with a flag. There will also better support for companies, with S / MIME support better encryption. The dictionary is now system-wide use, so you can check spelling in any app. Apple has introduced new variation on the keyboard, which is split into two to ensure you are iPad only need two thumbs.

8. Free PC

You do not need PC to an iPhone or  iPad install or use. Free PC calls Apple the option to use the devices without a PC or Mac on the phone or tablet hanging. You can set your device and install on the phone itself. Software updates over the air then.
You no longer need a computer to log on to the system to update. Apple asked: "What are the reasons for going back to a PC? Where is the PC still used? We have photo editing, creating and setting up mailboxes in five IOS itself regularly. So you have no PC needed.

9. Game Center

No fewer than 50 million Game Center users. Xbox Live has 30 million collected in 8 years.
In Game Center you are photos of yourself and friends. Friends of friends to see your friends and the system recommends that lie close to your street. In the same way games are also recommended – and they are now downloadable from Game Center. Another possibility is that you now direct your own achievements against those of friends can set up – just like in the cases with 30 million users.
Turn-based games are now governed directly from Gamecenter. Gamecenter thus gives himself notifications when someone's turn again.

10. iMessage

Apple is WhatsApp and perhaps redundant with the BlackBerry Messenger iMessage. It is a new service to all five IOS devices include both iPhone, iPad and iPod touch . With iMessage you photos, texts, videos and contact information to send. You get a receipt and an optional read receipt. Also can you tell if someone is typing. The messages are pushed to all your devices so you can continue chatting on the device at some point in hand. iMessage works over 3G and Wi-Fi. All posts are provided with encryption. You can play a game, just one post and then immediately return.
These were the key features in IOS May 10, Apple was worth a mention. There are a total of 200 new features, such AirPlay mirroring, where the picture on your iPad 2 wirelessly on your TV screen can display. Or Wi-Fi syncing with iTunes. Before you start to synchronize a backup is made. Another thing: new multitasking moves so you can scroll between apps. New developer tools are there.
The developer IOS version 5 is available today
. The first beta versions have been circulating on the Internet. But only from the autumn IOS 5 officially available to everyone. It is installed on the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4, the iPad 1 and 2 and the third / fourth-generation iPod touch.

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