iOS 5 GM (Golden Master) release during the last week of September to manufacturers


Apple will ship out the ultimate model of iOS 5 GM to producers all the way through the closing week of September, known as the Golden Grasp in Asia, it explains analyst Ming-Chi Kuo opposite AppleInsider. It is the last hurdle that Apple must take before the new iPhone on the market. Apple, according to Kuo end of August with mass production of both a new iPhone and iPod touch a new start. Manufacturer Foxconn, which Apple provides most of the assembly, the iOS operating system between May 23 and received September 30.


 AppleInsider believes that the assemblers of the next Apple phone, the iPhone 5, will receive the last week of September(between 23 and 30 September) in its  iOS 5 GM (Golden Master) to integrate it into iPhone (fifth generation in this case), iPod touch and the iPad.  As usual, the products Kale – once prepared – from the factories by the end of September, early October to break everything , for release ten days later. This information coincides perfectly with the recent leaks of Sprint

At least, that is currently planned. Foxconn currently produces around 150,000 iPhone 5 per day, it was already clear.

The new iOS 5 operating system is currently being extensively tested by developers. On August 31, Apple iOS 5 beta 7  is available to developers. The beta versions released to date again about every two weeks. Apple is expected sometime this week, the eighth beta release.

The completion of iOS 5 GM is the final step that Apple must take before the new devices can be shipped. The Japanese site Macotakara reported previously that the production on schedule, but that waiting iOS 5 is packed to begin with. According to Kuo takes to be between 10 and 12 days to ship the devices. He expects the new iPhone and iPod touch in mid-October are available.

This is in line with the rumors of the last days of  providers prepare for the iPhone 5. The big question that remains is if Apple plans to the new iPhone (and iPod touch) to officially announce. This would probably be before the end of this month can be. Apple will get everything done and dusted before they want on stage to unveil the new iPhone. If the current schedule at the end of this month's Golden Master is ready and the equipment ready at the factory, it seems the time comes.

In the end, do we really know that the phone will be created by next month? Several small notes and confirmations are informal to a photo sensor 8 Megapixels, a screen of 3.7 "/ 4" which touches the edges on each side, a curved shape, so iPad 2; processor Apple A5, a HOME button more; a capacity of 16 and 32GB and not  64 GB, successful integration of icloud, and much more. The friends, the end of the tunnel is just a few steps.

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