IOS 5 hack includes secret AutoCorrect bar Feature


iOS 5 contains more surprises than expected.Having the ability to create a panoramic picture, there appears now a hidden AutoCorrect bar available . The bar resembles a feature already in Android is present: when typing a word you will see a series of suggestions. You can select therefrom, with the result that you enter text faster.After just a few letters you get the desired word in the picture.


 Tap shown alongside 'Hell' in, the options appear in English: Gel, help, and He'll more. The normal AutoCorrect pop up anymore.You can activate the function without jailbreak.

Sat Incidentally this feature in fact already iOS, because the Japanese keyboard contained a similar bar with word suggestions. Pressing an arrow key will get more suggested words on the screen, as can be seen below this article. Probably the origin in the Japanese keyboard, which has now been extended to Western languages. The AutoCorrect bar is also not stable functionality, iOS Springboard to crash during use.

You can activate as you go through the following steps:

  1. Download iBackupBot .
  2. Make a backup of your iPhone in iTunes.
  3. IBackupBot open, look for the backup and load it.
  4. Navigate to Library / Preferences / and open the file. If the software is not registered, you press Cancel to open.
  5. Add: <key> keyboard auto-correction lists </ key> <string> YES </ string>.
  6. Save the changes and set back from the backup iBackupbot.

The hidden AutoCorrect beam was discovered by Sonny Dickson .


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