Apple introduced  iOS 5 to the WWDC announcement two widgets for the brand new message heart (Notification Heart): climate and inventory. Best two widgets was once the actual widget-fanatics could be a disappointment … but there is hope . Technically it possible to show them to develop widgets. Developer WillFour20 has found a way to do this and this demonstrates the most basic program you can write a widget that the text "Hello World" shows.Apple has not yet indicated whether it is possible to create widgets for the iOS 5 Message Center.


Because they have not said whether a public API (application programming interface) is for third-party widgets. Developers may only use APIs that are publicly available. The proof of concept of WillFour20 lets at least see that even without the proper tools in the SDK already technically possible to make widgets. Once you have an extra widget in the bar to appear, where you as a self-chosen text "Hello World" appear in you, there are other applications needed.

Striking at the iOS5 widgets is in, moreover, it can  only be seen on iPhone and iPod touch can be, not the iPad yet. Maybe it is in later beta versions. What the Chronic Dev  jailbreak developer only needs is a custom view interface to create and compile it as a bulletin board plugin. Bulletin Board is Apple's internal code name for the message center.

WillFour20 has put its code on github, so other developers can see how you tackle.

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