iOS 5 can be on hand for the iPhone four, iPhone 3GS, all iPad fashions and the 1/3 / fourth-era iPod contact this Fall. But some features will not work on older machines because the hardware does not permit this. Apple puts on the iOS 5 features can figure out what's possible, but does not say whether this works on all devices. During the keynote , Apple
all the functions
 on an iPhone 4 and a iPad 2, so there is little to deduce. 


The first impression is that iOS 5 works fine on a  iPhone 3GS, as seen in video below shows. The Twitter integration is simply there, but that was expected because it takes very little of your device. The Message Center works simply: you draw a line with your finger from the top of the screen and displays the list of notifications, as on the iPhone 4. The weather and stock widgets are fine, including animations. But the camera remains still something to be desired.

The camera app because it shows the grid lines and you can also lock the exposure and brightness, but the photo editing is not su
 Apple has added the ability iOS 5 eg red eye removal, images and a quick cut to optimize it. These functions are missing on the iPhone 3G, just like making a picture by pressing the volume button.

If  we go to iPhone Safari , it appears to be the 3GS Reading List (Reading List) available, which you can save items to later be read. The Safari Reader feature seems to be missing from the movie below. But several readers report in the comments below that the reader function is indeed present, so you're not Web pages in a format optimized to read. The Kiosk (Newsstand) where you can buy newspapers and magazines, works without problems on the iPhone 3GS. It seems likely that temporary owners of a  iPhone 3GS almost the same functions available to them as users of an iPhone 4, which concerns the first beta. The performance is acceptable. A year ago there was quite a hassle when iOS 4 became available.According to Apple IOS was also 4 to install on an iPhone 3G, but in practice proved to be the units so slowly
that there was no longer to work.
 Nor were there any features that made it interesting iOS 4, such as multitasking.

Still, some apps on the iPhone 3G is still not working. So tonight, Apple app Find My iPhone an update , but this app currently only works on the iPhone 4.

As previously stated in our articles about IOS 5: this is the first beta version for developers, so not the final retail version, which only becomes available in the fall.




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