Greg Hughes, the creator of the Wi-Fy Sync has a lot to be disillusioned with the aid of Apple. In April 2010, it had Wi-Fi Sync, a strategy to sync your iPhone over Wi-Fi with their pc.The appliance has clearly been prohibited within the Apple retailer, Cydia however opened his hands large. Observe then again that on the time, Apple had contacted him thru his staff of engineers to congratulate him for his work, asking him to offer his CV …


The story could have become a real account for Greg Hughes, if on one hand, Greg was hired by Apple, which was not the case, and if on the other hand, Apple had not " pumped " his idea for a new service Synchronization mobile device via Wi-Fi In fact, during the presentation of IOS 5.0, Apple has unveiled support for wireless synchronization via Wi-Fi, so- already available for devices iOS unbridled (jailbroken) using the software-Sync Wi-Fi, meeting the same name as the one developed by Greg Hughes!

Apple really inspired

At this game, Apple has indeed virtually copied the icon created by the student (that Hugh is left and that Apple is right), it has of course much appreciated.


"I'm very surprised by the attitude of Apple." Greg Hughes

When asked by our colleagues at The Register, the developer said he was "surprised" by Apple, which he blames a " certain lack of imagination ". Apple knew the name of the application by Greg Hughes, which is therefore called Wi-Fi sync and could have therefore opted for another name. At the same time, common sense forces us to ask a basic question for such a service for wireless synchronization, what name would have been more clear that Wi-Fi Sync?



Remains that the student had obviously not file its logo in different countries, and the name of the Wi-Fi Sync, for obvious financial reasons … He can not do anything but grumble …

Luckily, he sold some 50,000 copies of the Wi-Fi Sync in 1 year. Under normal circumstances, the application cost about $ 9.99 Cydia shop which will allow it to avoid the usual summer job and he will make a summer tour of nightclubs to the California coast …

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