Twitter might be a part of vital new iOS 5. At what stage and the way some distance? TechCrunch has said that the first function to photo sharing service would be integrated into the system. In the same way that you can now upload an image from his album to MobileMe or a video to YouTube.


This feature would be closer to an announcement next week and that is ready to Twitter, that he will now take over hosting and sharing photos sent in tweets users.

Bouncing on the TechCrunch article, John Gruber adds , as he has used on such occasions when he wants to make clear he had some tips, suggesting that there would be much more that " Imagine what the system could offer more if your Twitter account was located at a service system . "

In sum, a full integration of its Twitter account in IOS and therefore accessible by other applications wishing to send information in the form of Tweets. Or, to use his list of contacts in the microblogging site, or even to be notified of activity in the timeline, like eg Windows Phone 7.  

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