iOS working on a 64GB White iPhone four [Multitasking and integration with Facebook]


The Vietnamese website online Tinh TE , via Engadget that we offer this amazing video of an white iPhone 4  maybe running a new version of iOS with a new system that incorporates multitasking Spotlight . This site has been in the past, a good source of information about MacBook Pro from Apple in 2010. Recently the site got their laid hands on an iPod touch 4G with two cameras, released some time later.



Some videos of what would become the next iteration of the iPhone operating system: the iOS 5.0 

AS seen in videos posted from Vietnam the iPhone might be running iOS 5.0:

  • Spotlight menu at the top of the screen
  • -Removed the Spotlight search menu introduced in iOS 3
  •  New multi-tasking management system , the style of Mac OS X. Expose shows a thumbnail preview of applications running in the background.

iPhone on target hardware shown is confirmed to be 64GB of storage capacity and may well question the iPhone 4.


Unable to fully assert the veracity of the tips, however the tool will observe the presence of two inside Apple purposes: Radar and Tricky Fighter.

Ultimately, they have got revealed a powerful integration between iOS and Fb.It’s that you can imagine to combine with the Media Circulate to add photographs, and so on.


It displays that the iPhone runs the four.X iOS construct 8A216, a compilation of up to now unseen take a look at

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