iOS free up to permit criminal porting of Siri on older gadgets


Yesdterday, Apple has updated iOS 5.0.1,  released for the iPhone 4S and therefore carried out a very unusual step. Although the update contains only minor changes for Russia, Brazil and Taiwan, could also benefit other users.


For the first time Apple has released a firmware decrypted ramdisk, thus allowing access to the Apple server. A simple script can download the firmware and extract the files needed for a port of Siri. Due to the public access to these files Siri could be legally used on older devices.

With the help of these files could be released in the near future a legal Siri port. Nevertheless, still needs to connect to Apple servers are possible. For an authentication token is required from an iPhone 4S device and must be updated every 24 hours. If such a token excessive requests to the Apple server, the tokens used probably blocked completely and can not send more voice commands. Accordingly, this obstacle must be removed to allow for a fully functional port of Siri.


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