iOS 5.1 Beta 1 Battery Problem Issues not Fixed


Previous this week used to be the  first beta version of iOS 5.1 released to developers. Among other things, this update should fix the problems of the iPhone 4S battery completely. Contrary to expectations, had to report first user that the battery problems still exist. This was also confirmed by Michael morning, an analyst at ABI Research, and has ArsTechnica reported that the problems persist. This affects both iPhone generations older who have been playing the new operating system have an update to the current iPhone 4S anyway.

Already iOS 5.0.1 should actually create the battery problems of the world, but could only help a few benefits. 
Many users complain still have massive problems with the battery life. For this reason, the iPhone 4S of the morning were further analyzed to find the cause of the problem. Here are the main components of the device subjected to a test and the power consumption could be measured separately. His tests show that the hardware can be excluded as the cause of the problem and a software fix should correct this error can most likely in the near future.

"We tore down the 4S and tested some of the major components, including the new A5 processor," Morgan said. "Nothing that we tested was significantly different from the iPhone 4 , and power draw was right where we expected it to be. "

It appears that the problem clearly lies in the software and is therefore expected that Apple gets the battery life up to the final version of iOS 5.1 in the handle.

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