iOS 5.1 beta 3 Shows signs of Facebook integration


In iOS 5 was once in depth Twitter integration is delivered and it sounds as if Fb as the following social community's flip. The code of iOS 5.1 beta three are many references to Fb. The that you can imagine new performance isn’t on the other hand totally verified it will even be a reference to a earlier choice already in iOS four used to be revealed. Additionally seemed in iOS 5.1 beta three references to iPad three.


The rumors about iOS 4 that already pointed to potential Facebook integration. It never came off the ground, presumably because Apple failed to conclude an agreement with the social network to connect.The possibility therefore exists that the iOS 5.1 beta 3 code found only hereinafter referred back.This is not the case, Apple would work on the re-implementation of Facebook.


This is not the first time that about integrating Facebook into iOS spoken in September appeared on MacRumors screenshots (see above) on the possibility, which mainly resembled a similar possibility with Twitter.

The further integration of Facebook might work remains to be seen: the iOS 5 ingrained since Twitter can easily share photos and apps with your Twitter account automatically linked. The collaboration between Twitter and Apple turned out many positive consequences for the social network: the number of registrations per day increased significantly.

It is already possible to create a Facebook account with contact information on your iPhone's address book. By clicking on this takes you to the mobile Facebook website, where the profile is displayed.


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