IOS 5.1 beta contains hints for new quad core processor


Rumor website online 9to5Mac has a beta of iOS 5.1 code found hint to a quad core processor for future iOS devices. This would have everything to do with the A6-processor, which presumably the iPhone will debut in March. A quad core processor would be through the use of four separate cores make a future iPhone faster than the current iPhone 4S, a dual core processor.


The code refers to iOS 5.1 / cores/core.3. According to sources from 9to5Mac points to a quad core processor, given core.0, core.1 and core 2, respectively, single-, dual-and triple-core processors. For example, the dual core processor of the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 classified as core.1 in iOS 5.

This is certainly not the first time that Apple refers to new technology in iOS 5, as appeared in earlier rumors shrouded iTV al iOS 5.1 As previously referred to a new a new iPhone, Apple TV, and several iPads , Apple responded by a later excessive state devices.

Whether Apple is testing currently only iOS devices with quad-core technology, or whether the A6-processor in the next generation of iPhone and iPad is already equipped with four cores will show, one can proceed with the development of Apple, but it certainly . The first device to the A6 should then be the iPad 3, which Apple will eventually introduce in the coming months.

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