iOS 5.1 Pre-GM Leaked, Camera Button, Japanese Siri


The brand new iOS model 5.1 has grow to be quiet bit for some weeks and Apple has had no additional pre-unlock model disbursed to the builders to check. It’s usually assumed that Apple is the brand new iOS model no later than the beginning of gross sales of iPad will roll out 1/3 The Golden Grasp model may subsequently very prone to be launched iPad adventure in early March. 


In addition to the previously known functions, some pictures from the photo stream to remove and disable 3G, could also find its place more great features in the update. For now are alleged pictures of an alleged Golden Master version of iOS 5.1 emerged and include information on the yet unknown functions. In the future, a new camera slider to find its place in the lockscreen and are activated by finger rub. In addition, Siri is supported with the next version of iOS and Japanese language.





The Portuguese website  blogdoiPhone  could get from a mobile operator alleged images of previously unpublished Golden Master version of IOS 5.1. The fast access to the camera seems to be the key difference with the previous pre-release versions of IOS to be 1.5 and will replace the two-time Press the Home key. In future, the camera button is permanently displayed on the screen and Spear are activated by a vertical finger gesture. The variant is significantly quicker hand than the previous path of the button.

Also to iOS 5.1, the previously announced Siri-Tung Support for Japanese bring, which was announced by Apple for this year and Siri has himself expressed it well in this respect. From the report shows, however, unfortunately not, whether Siri functionality is extended to other languages ​​with the update.



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