iOS 6.0.1 within 24 hours at 7.5 percent of iDevices


iOS 6.0.1-updater

Apple released iOS 6.0.1 from last week , an update which mainly consisted of bugfixes. What always amazes us is the eagerness with which people want to install this type of update. Even if there is smoke from Apple’s servers will we keep trying, if necessary, until late at night. There is also a large group of people who have to grind and a week later before sitting down to install the update. How large group of “fast updaters’ is according to figures from research firm Chitika . In the first 24 hours after iOS 6.0.1 was available, it is already at 7.5% of the iDevices present.

The figures show that users with iOS 6.0.1 a lot less were keen to update than iOS 6.0. There lay the percentage within twenty-four hours at 15%, so the double. That in itself is logical, because there were more new features. Moreover, many people got to iOS 6.0.1 make an additional obstacle: the iPhone 5 had an additional updater app put in.

Nonetheless, the figures additionally exhibit that folks Chitika sooner replace. With iOS 5.1.1, it took per week to get to 12 p.c. iOS solved embrace an issue with Wi-Fi connections and digital keyboard.

Chitika best figures on the set up of the visitors that they measure over counters utilized in commercials are built-in. It’s subsequently now not the precise determine, but it surely does provide a just right indication.

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