Chitika has published research on the adoption of the North American attendance analyzing iOS 6.1.2 iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running on its huge advertising network from February 19 to 24.

Only five days after the release of firmware iOS 6.1.2, iOS 6.0 the famous accounted for only 5.4% of the devices and iOS 6.1.2 (with 34.9%) already exceeded the number of devices equipped with iOS 6.1 (22.8%). It is also interesting to note that 11.9% of devices are still with iOS 5 and 3.7% from a previous version. The latest update is already present in more than one third of iDevices as it only brings a few fixes …

As this latest update fixed a battery life issue ― a major phone feature ― it’s understandable that the rate of adoption for iOS 6.1.2 would reach these levels so quickly. For comparison, 48 hours following its release, iOS 6.1.2 adoption nearly equaled what we observed for the much more highly anticipated iOS 6 within the same time period ― a significant achievement considering this update was centered on an OS bug fix.

Of course, the OTA updates and pop-ups that Appear on the iDevices promote the migration to newer versions of iOS. In addition, the fact is jailbroken iOS 6.1.2 does not restrict users to migrate:

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