iOS 6.1 patches several security holes



Apple iOS 6.1 has not only added new features and standard changes made: there are quite a few holes in the iOS security poem . It mainly concerns problems with WebKit, the basis for Safari and other iOS browsers. Twenty of the sealed holes ensured that malicious code from a distance on your iPhone could perform. iDevices accept from iOS 6.1 no longer certificates trust, where since early January 2013 of abuse can be made.

A glitch that caused JavaScript reappeared after a Smart Banner was encountered, with iOS 6.1 also solved. Smart Banners are new banners on websites that you visited on the iPhone and can see directly to the App Store link.

The number of security fixes in iOS 6.1 looks great, but a big reason to panic seemed so far not to be. The H Security Site stressed that so far no cases have been reported in which the related vulnerabilities were exploited. Many of the leaks were so complex that it was not easy to make abuse of it.

iOS 6.1 is the latest version of the iOS operating system that was made available on Monday, January 28Of serious new additions within the replace no. As a substitute, the brand new model comprises enhancements for LTE, Siri and iTunes. There are additionally a couple of small tweaks to the interface created.  

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