iTunes Match is a service for almost $25 in all the songs that the customer owns, holds in icloud. with the new iOS 6, Apple extends its services to iTunes  match for real music streaming : Music in  beta version can no longer be downloaded from the icloud, but is actually streamed as on the Mac.. and the entire library will be downloaded from the cloud. In fact, songs will be avaialble as needed on the  iDevice, previously to store locally. 

ITunes-Match-streaming (1)
iOS 6 will change. Like Apple 'n' Apps Beta is taken from the IOS, songs can now be streamed. The download function remains intact and is given parallel. At this point, iTunes Match combines the music from your iTunes library with multiple tracks on a server Apple, and also lets you play music on your iOS device, it turns out that iTunes Match works more like a server downloading music, rather than the flow of information exchange.

 Trevor Sheridan of Apple N Apps discovered that iTunes Match works differently in iOS 6 and, instead of downloading your tracks on your device, iTunes Match streamed music downloads from the Apple server. Take a look at the video below and you will see the action of the device.


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