iOS 6 Beta Allows Reordering Apple TV Icons By Wiggling


Apple launched prior this week now not handiest iOS 6 beta 2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod contact , however the Apple TV additionally received an identical replace. This 2nd beta of iOS 6 for the Apple TV seems to be an enchanting new function embody: the wiggle mode . It seems imaginable to rearrange icons on the reveal by using making them wobble.

Apple-TV-BGR-600x4071user can now rearrange the icons to highlight the features he uses most.The interface contains the IOS in the idea: a long press scares the current icon, then you can move in four directions. This is less simple than the one on the iPhone but it's probably the best way to do this with a simple remote control

This is similar to the wobble animation on a normal IOS device. You do this by selecting the button and hold, then you can move the icons.There is a difference with the normal process on an iPhone or iPad. You simply can not all icons at once to wobble, but the only icon that is currently selected.

Interesting for fans of the Apple TV: John Gruber of Daring Fireball has said that Apple had no plans during the WWDC keynote to say something about television. But that does not mean that Apple has put plans on hold. "Something big is going on with Apple TV in Cupertino," says Gruber. "But it's still being cooked." We therefore will still have to be patient. Gruber has many connections within Apple, and usually knows fairly well what is going on. In fact, Apple would have him sometimes as unofficial spokesman to the outside world can use.


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