If Apple plans to liberate any other pc OS, as an alternative of one thing intermediate between OS X and iOS, we now can name probably the most improvements. Maps, with the aid of custom, it will have to be a yr emigrate from cell units to computer systems.some indicators have been present in iOS 6 beta model. No longer most effective Apple appears busy with a Maps app, Amazon also seems to be busy with a similar 3D service UpNext, that the company plans in developing maps

Ios6-maps_ 1

It is clear that the versions of the applications for the desktop and mobile systems under some pieces of code must match. So, it is easy to explain the discovery made by developer Cody Cooper in the file Maps.app / altitude_manifest.xml:


The last line does not allow you to use a graphics "shading" on a particular hardware configuration, namely, the chipset and graphics from the Intel. The latter generally does not participate in the creation of iOS devices, but it rules the iron ball on all modern Mac. The strange thing is that no references were found for the ATI Radeon chipset. Although we do not know the exact reason, it is unlikely that this will not be supported, given the fact that these cards easily can run an application like.

The only discovery was found in the iOS 6 files simulator from the SDK under OS X. With that, we can say for sure that iOS devices on these lines of code are also present? The iOS 6 beta code is in fact the first indications of OS X
Apple Maps, different Intel chips are integrated, not all features will be preserved accordingly but  access to the file system is very handy .. The release of OS X 10.8 Lion Mountain is expected this month.

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