9to5mac has more details about the next generation iPhone overtaken by a beta version of IOS 6 to study. They reported earlier that the next iPhone probably already a screen of 1136 x 640 pixels gets a unibody enclosure and a completely redesigned rearNow they looked at an iPhone with iOS 6, which can be deduced that the processor is an ARM S5L8950X Samsung should be. That is probably made ​​in the same factory in Austin, where Apple's A4, A5 and other processors of the conveyor rollers. 


The Darwin kernel version is also be deduced: it is version 13.0.0. This is a newer version than what's in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is used. Also the XNU-build much higher version number starts with 21XX instead of 2050.5.8.

The processor is internally known as the A5 ***, where the last stars that have been removed to protect the source of 9to5mac. Probably not the final name, though the website thinks that Apple did not name the A6 will use. Samsung's S5L8950X is a newer version than the chip in the iPhone 4S (S5L8940X) and the new iPad (S5L8945X) although there is not deduce what the clock speed and number of cores will be.

The next generation iPhone will probably have a new GPU chip, the SGX543RC *.Here, too, is the last character is removed in order to protect the source. Specifications are not yet known. The amount of RAM will keep stabbing at 1 GB. Apple was already well advanced with the development of iOS 6, so availability in October on a new iPhone is feasible.

Besides the technical details let 9to5Mac more information about the new release in iOS kaartenapp 6. It will own Google Maps are exchanged for cards from Apple, as previously reported. An early screenshot on the website to see (and shown here).Probably will still be changes to take place, such as colors and fonts. Remarkably, the GPS compass icon is not linked to a 3D button, as in earlier leaked screenshots would appear. This may be done to prevent you hit the wrong button. The buttons are larger on the iPad. The next two weeks 9to5mac promises more information to reveal the next iPhone, including a new iOS app from Apple itself.

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