Apple OS X Mountain Lion in numerous options built-in that we already knew from iOS 5. It seems iOS an concept for different actions of Apple. However on the opposite displays there may be additionally idea: iOS 6 will get some features that we’ve in OS X Mountain Lion considered. So says 9to5mac based on their own resources. So will include support for icloud Tabs are present so you can easily open tabs open in multiple appraten.But Mail VIPs and an extension to the Message Center called Do Not Disturb / Do Not Store (see below) are planned.


Do Not Disturb button Message Center

The image above is a mock up of how the Do Not Disturb-fucntie will look like. A switch lets you quickly alerts (alerts) and stripes (banners) off. Since the introduction of iOs was no longer possiblto quickly notifications with a button to shut down unless you rigorously put your iPhone in airplane mode. The option is already visible in the Message Center of Mountain Lion, but will the iPhone directly under the flight mode button can be found, as shown.

icloud Tabs: Safari tabs synchronize

This is a feature that you have multiple tabs you have open in Safari on multiple devices can consult. They are between your IOS devices and Macs synchronized with icloud. The contents of the tabs is not fully synchronized, it is only the tabs themselves. If you click in iOS 6 on the button icloud Tabs, then all open tabs will be displayed on other devices. They appear in a list.So you can continue reading when you leave your office, turn off your Mac and your iPhone to read on. On the iPhone button will icloud Tabs can be found behind the bookmarks bar.

When the iCloud Tabs button is clicked on an iOS 6 device (or Mac), all the tabs opened on each device are simply shown in a synchronized list. From here, users can quickly pickup individual tabs that they were working on across their Apple devices.

VIPs Mail: mail with important people

Not all people with whom you exchange e-mails are as important to you. With VIP's Mail in OS X Mountain Lion you can mark some people as a VIP. Once mail arrives, the emails of key people with a glance to recognize an asterisk. The iPhone will also be something available, the VIP list is synchronized via icloud. It works on Mac, iPhone, iPhone and iPod touch.

On 11 June, Apple will more details on IOS release in June. The expectation is that only 6 iOS this fall in the hands of users is. Other improvements in iOS 6 are a new silver color scheme, new cards , new apps designed for iTunes Store and App Store and greater image resolution. 


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