In latest days, there are various small print concerning the suspected new iPhone leaked. However the rumor websites will not be prepared but. 9to5mac has iOS 6 dumps from a prototype of the next iPhone to get hold of and has promised to reveal more in the coming days. Today they pay attention to the new Broadcom BCM4334 chip, Wi-Fi chip via a 40nm manufacturing process is made. The BCM4330-65nm predecessor, it was used in the new iPad and the iPhone 4S. 

The new Wi-Fi chip is 40 to 50% more efficient and compensates for the future higher energy due to the larger screen and the use of LTE features in the new iPhone. 
The energy-efficient chip can also help Apple to make a thinner iPhone.

The Broadcom chip also allows for more than Wi-Fi, because there are other wireless technologies in integrated, such as Bluetooth 4.0 and an FM radio. The latter option has never actively used in earlier Apple iPhones. The Broadcom chip supports dual-band WiFi (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with support for Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Display Direct. Through one frequency band can be connected to the network, while using the other frequency band are content to stream.

Anandtech mentions:

The combo device also features advanced switching techniques that enable concurrent dual-band operation to simultaneously support network connectivity with one band while also allowing content streaming via technologies such as Wi-Fi Display and Wi-Fi Direct.

Weintraub concludes:

The new iPhone will be the first iOS device that meets that Apple standard for AirDrop and therefore we could easily see the Lion adhoc file sharing protocol added to iOS 6.

Apple would have dual-band Wi-Fi can use AirDrop on IOS devices. AirDrop allows you to easily transfer files between two Apple devices. The latest Apple devices like the MacBook Pro (from 2008), the MacBook Air (from 2010) and iMac (from 2009) is already supported AirDrop. All these devices are equipped with a dual-band Wi-Fi card.


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