iOS 6 getting photo-sharing, videos sync via icloud


Little by little there are extra important points out about iOS 6. Last weekend suddenly turned the first reference to the upcoming software update, setting reminders and notes in icloud webapps make their appearance. Also, Apple will replace the kaartenapp based on Google Maps by 3D maps of your own making those buildings in 3D displays.

The U.S. business daily Wall Street Journal 
report tonight that Apple even more enhancements for icloud has in store: a service for sharing photos and the ability to sync videos.

According to the newspaper, Apple will the functions of iOS 6 during the upcoming developer conference WWDC will unveil on June 11 starts. Traditionally opens the CEO of the company's conference with a keynote. Apple wants users the ability to produce sets of pictures to share and there also (have) to respond, a kind of social network for photographs so. There has been suggested that this is the reason that Apple marketing boss Phil Schiller recently Instagram photo service has left. It seems that Apple has serious plans to compete with the popular photo service to continue. History shows that Apple is not as successful as it is a social network. The social music network ping was also introduced with much fanfare and anticipation, but has so far not such a success.

In addition, according to Apple sources from the Wall Street Journal with a supplementary service which enables personal videos using icloud synchronization. This is similar to the photo stream function of icloud that a photograph taken on an iPhone automatically with iPhone and Mac can synchronize. This means that videos with your iPhone automatically makes your other IOS devices on your Mac and stream.

Sources reaffirm and rementioned innovations: the addition of webapps for Memories and Notes on The site doesn't speak  about the innovations as became clear last weekend. Apple would be shown the door the first time Google have their own cards in IOS to introduce also have an interesting additional feature: 3D maps which buildings are shown in 3D.


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