iOS 6 put in on greater than 20% of iOS gadgets


apple-ios 6

iOS 6 shows faster than expected to be installed by users. Apsalar analyst calculated that iOS 6 in two days after its launch, it has been installed on 20% of iOS devices. Most impressive is the comparison with iOS 5 after two days of release last year, only 9% of the update to the latest iOS version was done, now it is more than twice as much. The chart below illustrates, and it is good news. Less account of people who still use old versions of iOS.

Therefore they need to spend less development time and support to be given to people who have old versions running iOS, so some functionality of an app is not working properly. Apsalar used large numbers to iDevices to the percentage in the chart below to determine: 6.3 million iOS devices with iOS 6 and 2.2 million with iOS 5. The percentage of 20% may seem low, considering the fanaticism with which our readers on September 19 immediately tried to update , but compared to other mobile operating systems, the amazingly smooth. For Android users must wait until their device maker or provider make an update available, bringing the percentage of the first months after the availability of the first update not exceed 10%.


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