iOS 6 Maps App To Feature Yelp Check-ins


In keeping with Bloomberg, the new iOS SDK, which became available to developers earlier this month, will enable marked on the map using the service Yelp, without going into another application. The kit for developers also included screenshots of maps Apple, which left a mark user Yelp.

The first iPhone, which appeared in 2007, equipped with maps of Google, but 5 years later the company decided to replace the card on its own and greatly expand its social component.

In these ways, you can easily let friends and family know where you are. Whether the function used or not, it will be remains to be seen: Siri is outside the United States at the time still unable to locate services Yelp to use, but Apple announced at WWDC in that Siri's location-based features in a number of new countries will work.   


By you using the Maps application in to check Apple would make sure that you do not need another app to launch your friends from your location to inform. Indeed, it often happens that the maps app you have open when you're on a location.
The service Yelp lets you information such as rest
aurants, gas stations and other venues in your area to see. Then you can review on your location visited leave so that other Yelp users know what they can expect from.

Yelp is through an official app of the service is already on the iPhone. The number of companies that the app is shown here is only not as fully as in the United States. It is also the question of how many iPhone owners to Yelp check-ins will have. Yelp Support in Maps would be on the other hand, can ensure that the service with more and more companies will work together. Then the function course work: Siri has not be working here with Yelp. This does not only mean that the function directly in Maps is limited.  


This is not the first time that Apple engages in a location service for iPhone, iPhone and iPod touch: last year, the app Find My Friends are released, which you constantly can keep track of what other iPhone-owning friends and colleagues.


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