The Russian web site iGuides is there succeeded to the Flyover feature in Maps for iOS 6 to work. Flyover with some major cities on the iPhone in 3D, but according to Apple, this function will only work on the iPhone 4S, the iPad 2 and the new iPad. The iPhone 3G would be supported.


Flyover is certainly not the first feature that Apple will be limited to only a few iDevices. Last year we saw the same thing happen with Siri, when this addition only for the iPhone 4S  was made ​​available. Then it took a lot longer for hackers to Siri on older devices employed to obt
ain, partly because Siri must connect to Apple's servers.

Why Apple does not allow Flyover on the iPhone 4 is not clear. It could be due to technical limitations of the iPhone 4 compared to the iPhone 4S and the new iPhone, but the video shows that the function works. When using Flyover on the iPhone 4, the mode stutters a bit. This could also be due to the beta phase, where iOS 6 is located.

Are you a developer and want Flyover get working on your iPhone 4, you can iGuides to read exactly how this should be. Please note: the manual is in Russian, so you have to rely on Google translations.

iGuides there within a week managed to Flyover on the iPhone 4 to work. Whether this will be so easy once iOS 6 for the public convenience is not yet clear: Apple could use the detour during the beta phase can fix.




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