iOS 6 mute toggle options works another way



With the iPad you can set what the switch above the volume buttons do exactly, but on the iPhone since the first device it is already clear: it is a mute toggle. If you see the orange dash is your iPhone on mute and he makes no unexpected noises, such as ringtones or sounds to push messages and notifications of incoming messages. Start an app and watch a movie or play your music, you hear it just sound. At least, that was so, because with Apple iOS 6, the operation of the mute switch is a little changed.

Still makes the mute button that you can not hear ringtones and other notification sounds, that has not changed. Only some apps suddenly you hear no sound when playing a movie, in other apps and it works again just like always.


How is that exactly? If an app uses an internal browser to a video in a webpage to play, then it does not stand well. Unless the developer adjust the settings so that it works again. The Next Web wrote in an intensive article. Indirectly, it’s meant that the operation of the mute change is still the identical, that Apple would prefer, however this requires builders adapt their apps.
It’s due to this fact at the moment incorrect for instance Twitter apps that hyperlinks open throughout the app builders and browsers. Google Chrome is adjusted in order that it really works once more, however as an example Tweetbot but. For now, there may be nothing else than the mute swap momentarily to change if an app is not any sound when enjoying a film, within the hope that builders make their apps quick.

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