After the ultimate model of iOS 6 launched, first opinions of the brand new firmware from distinguished journalists swamped the web, there are some issues confronted with the aid of the customers after upgrading to a brand new Apple working gadget, analysts usually imagine a necessary replace.
ios-6-featuresiOS 6 is designed to be installed on mobile devices, Apple, including smartphones iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPad tablets second and third generation iPod touch players and the fourth generation. Two devices on iOS 5 for one reason or another did not get an upgrade – iPad 1 and iPod touch 3G.

we’ll go over all of the most significant innovations iOS 6 and its new features. As a test platform was chosen as a new iPad. It is best to read this article in Reader in Mobile Safari. There will be lots of photos, comparisons and text. Make it your own.

iOS 6 Beta 1
Getting always starts with a welcome screen. In iOS 5 the opportunity to perform the initial setup without a computer. The next version of the firmware is almost no difference in the procedure – except that in advance allows you to choose which of your mailbox to receive messages and calls iMessage FaceTime.

We quickly get to the main screen and four immediately notice the difference from the last OS. Let’s play a game – until they find themselves.

The first thing that catches your eye – a different order of the icons. That we can fix. The wallpaper is also changed – it corresponds to the background on the icon for iOS 6, which sported the Moscone on one of the banners. The third difference – a new, more “detailed” redesign almost holy set button. I specifically laid out all the changes in the reverse order of importance. Last, but the most significant improvement for all users iPad – Watch this.

Built-in applications

Yes. We waited. Apple took two years to implement a program to watch for iPad. Looking at what happened in the end, you start to slowly forgive them for it. iPhone-version here rests in full. At the top of the screen shows the international clock. By clicking on the dial, we go to full screen with nice analog clock. At the bottom of the world map emblazoned with the division on the time zones. And here comes the next “discovery.” Apple has built a weather clock.

The other three tabs – Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer – also undergone total redesign. Pay attention to the interface clock. The second half of the screen is reserved for images calendar, where you can “stick” the morning bell. As I understand it, it will show all your works, written in the appropriate application.

Stopwatch and timer alike almost like two drops of water. Come out of hours and passes messages and Facetime – because nothing is changed.

Dive into the picture, where there is a new window “card sharing”, I mean for the exchange and sharing photos. Instead of faceless items with text symbols, Apple offered to poke at large icons. Can not say that was an order of magnitude better. Except prettier. Of course, publishing on Facebook right here.

img_0085The camera interface in the iPad has remained generally unchanged. Slightly changed the arrangement in the iPhone, the screenshot above. Boldly go to one of the most talked about features iOS 6 – new maps.

New Maps – a whole mix of third-party technologies and services. Apparently, the navigation component is supplied by TomTom. I first wanted to know how well displayed my “remote” on the new maps. Unfortunately, things are bad. Compare it was and how it became.

Where are all the houses? Apple offers a look at just sketchy roads and cute yellow background. Everything else orientation depends on you. Maps and earlier were not the most helpful, but what is offered us guys from Cupertino, no good.

You guessed it, 3D looks great in the cards – and never helpful. Selective targeting of cities in which this feature is available is astonishing. London no. And New York, too. Can it be protected from the evil terrorists?

Where 3D still works, you can enjoy the fruits of C3 Technologies, which was acquired by Apple last year. Download speed card on fast Wi-Fi, to say the least impressive. Screen rendered 15 seconds, and it’s a new iPad. But the buildings themselves are quite nice, especially with a good zoom. This is sarcasm, yes. It is a pity that many of them are similar to ruins after a nuclear war. A virtuous card, you can feel at least Spaydermenom. That’s all real advantages 3D. And you were expecting something else?

With the navigation on the cards did not come up with bikes. You can get directions to the car, walk or travel by public transport. In the latter case, the new maps show you a fat fig and open the window “Shuttle software” in the App Store. In which, as you might imagine, there is nothing. Great job!


Features iPhone 5 iPhone 4S iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS
Flyover / turn-by-turn GPS Yes Yes No No
Made for iPhone hearing aids Yes Yes No No
Siri Yes Yes No No
FaceTime over cellular Yes Yes No No
Offline reading lists Yes Yes Yes No
Reminders / phone replies Yes Yes Yes Yes
Passbook Yes Yes Yes Yes
Panorama Yes Yes No No


Features iPad (2012) iPad 2 iPod touch (5G) iPod touch (4G)
Flyover / turn-by-turn Yes Yes Yes No
Made for iPhone hearing aids No No No No
Siri Yes No Yes No
FaceTime over cellular Yes No No No
Offline reading lists Yes Yes Yes No
Reminders No No Yes No
Passbook No No Yes Yes
Panorama No No Yes No

Navigation works tolerably well. The road is marked on the map a few blue lines, between which you can switch depending on the desired route. But, given how famously cost new map of the house, I would not use this for serious navigation problems.

YouTube has changed the application, as well as Contacts, Notes, and the most useful program PhotoBooth. Calendar underwent slight redesign, an example of which we have indicated in the screenshot above. For detail.

If you use a reminder, we’ll be happy inspiration of what befell those Apple and made to fit on one screen and a list of reminders, and calendar. Screenshots above, need no comments. While the App Store and skip iTunes Store.

Game Center come upon small changes in design.  There is a new tab “challenges”, which store all requests for joint game, sent to you from your friends in the GC.

Browser Safari – probably the most popular application on the iOS. Apple has added to it some long-awaited features. In the box there was a correct list of bookmarks for reading. Adding there web page, you can guarantee yourself a comfortable reading even without an Internet connection.

Button located next to the tabs iCloud, which are suitable only Safari users on computers and the owners of several devices. For the rest, it is useless.

The revised menu appeared and the exchange of information here. The only difference – in design and appearance of three new items: Copy, Facebook and Message. Copied, of course, only a reference. Design can evaluate themselves, like not become worse.

Now through Safari you can upload photos to websites. Upload button becomes active. I tested the new features in our admin directly with iPad, downloading the photos in this post above. It works. Finally.

By the way, since we were getting ready to go – the tabs in Safari is no longer limited to nine pieces. At least on the new iPad.

What’s new in Mail? Four key changes: the emergence of flags, insert photos and videos, VIP-mailing, and popularly beloved Pull-to-Refresh straight from friendly Twitter.

The concept of “flags”, I think, no need to explain. On VIP-recipients discuss in more detail.

Each mailbox appears this setting. A contact from the address book added to the number of VIP-recipients are assigned their own parameters, including the type of notifications iOS. For such an important correspondence can be set different sound alerts. But in general, this is the same system of “flags” just automatic. Like Google with its “important mail.”

Music and video in iPad has not changed, but the player and the “dialer” in the iPhone, judging by the reviews of readers, have undergone serious redesign. Please send screenshots in the comments, and we will examine it in detail. Also would not hurt screenshots changes in weather. We head dive into Settings. Intentionally miss the points at which nothing has changed.

Notice that there are dividers in the item list. IMHO, they’re not needed, but who in Apple interesting view of the user? Some items are duplicated.

Item “Cellular Data”: added option for iCloud, iTunes and Facetime over 3G. Users limited tariffs for Internet should chop off these settings first.

“Do Not Disturb”: the dream of all fans to sleep. Funny, but the settings for this mode handed down to the next item.

“Notifications”: there mode setting “Do Not Disturb.” You can set the switch this mode for a certain period of time, as well as customize exactly which calls are to break through the iron curtain: all calls, no calls, calls from selected contact or specific groups within them. In essence, it is a black list for calls, only in reverse. Dreams come true. After five years.

Speaking of the Center alerts. It appeared widget Twitter and Facebook. Is conveniently discovered tvitnul, went further. Even the application is not necessary to open.

“Basic” is worth exploring a little more, because a lot of options out there. First, the owners of the new iPad will be delighted with the advent of Siri.


In a limited appeared a truck ban for the most secretive people in the world – those who really believes that setting off in the mobile gadget one of the world’s largest companies can save from spying on somebody’s part. You can turn off positioning, integration with contacts, calendars, issue of reminders and access to photos – down to specific applications. Long overdue.

Anticipating the mandatory questions – first Beta iOS 6 just two new pictures on your desktop: new wave, which replaces the old of iOS 5, and a new wood texture.

Only met with Apple to deprive us of the legendary iPad wallpapers from the first generation. Those with mountains and falling stars. Apple, what are you doing? Nothing else to delete? Not yet a few other oboin that accumulated last two years.

Until “Store” has become «iTunes-and App Store» – does not look. Otherwise, everything is still, just add a switch iTunes Match.

In “Music” is a new equalizer settings – “Late Night”, which makes the sound is very quiet. For what it’s done – a mystery. Perhaps this mode is activated automatically when any situations linked to the regime, “Do not bother.” I think, in a limited volume appears for the EU.

Settings end integration into Facebook – almost a full copy of Twitter-analog interface.

Redesign of the App Store, iTunes Store, iBookstore
These words from yesterday’s presentation on iOS 6, does not bode ill. In the end, everything he touches the hand Apple, gets very decent look. Now the question here, it looks decent? And yes, everything is black and gray.

So, no matter what your answer – redesign stores is the biggest challenge iOS 6, even worse than the Cards. After all cards can be replaced, but in the App Store will have to live in any event. Hand “innovators” is touched all the windows, menus and submenus app store Apple. Instead of a simple composite banner at the top of the screen, we were met by a horizontally scrolls a “shelf” a la Cover Flow. Even higher – the tab-category by type of App Store applications.

Apple has already started preparing all of us to the horizontal interface at the beginning of this year, but now it goes to a whole other level. The familiar grid applications is simplified to a single line, which is “scroll” page at the left and right. Application under the icon indicated by its title, genre, and price. Rating will not be seen until the moment when you click on the program.


The new App Store page has been redesigned, clearly drew inspiration from the interface of iTunes. In the upper part of the trap the card will fit the name, rating, genre, the button “Share” and a mandatory “Buy / Install”. The vast empty space hints at the fact that Apple has not yet figured out how it can be effectively used. Cards are placed in the middle of the three tabs: information about the application, user reviews and a list of similar games or programs.


All relevant information about the application is hidden in the bottom of the already small cards. There and the version and size and compatibility, and the developer, and updated … In this huge chunks of free space on the sides of the screen are used.

Between applications can “jump” from the comfort of the open card. Swiping your finger or a piece of tapnut another program icon sticking out of the screen. It’s funny – but it is illogical and inconvenient compared to conventional interface.

TOP-interface categories – the bright side of the redesign App Store. He scrolled vertically and generally does not cause any issues concerning navigation. Except for the same flying cards, which, frankly, the habit greatly enrage.

Downloads tab in dramatically increased density applications centimeter screen. More or less well. All the design freaks “special categories” such as “the best apps of 2011”, while not adapted to the new interface. Instead, you look at the sad horizontal shelves with icons. However, this question is more to the beta version. Genius does not work.

The new version of App Store is no longer locked to the desktop when purchasing, downloading and installing any application from the store. This is a big “hurray”, famously flavored sorrow of five years of waiting, so simple and obvious functional. Moreover, for the download and installation can be monitored directly from the screen of purchase applications. And when it is loaded, we can click on Open and go to it. A very nice feature, which previously lacked.

Similar changes have befallen iTunes Store and iBookstore, but given the fact that they have used only a few, I will limit the screenshots of both stores. My only comment is that the iTunes Store has become even a little more comfortable, although the concentration of information on a single screen has increased too much.

Notice the button in the form of icons at the top of Play: it remembers what you viewed in the iTunes Store. It is useful for those who are beginning to have to dig, listening / watching previews and only then take a decision on a purchase.

Concentrated impression of new stores – close to negative. First, all of these new “buns” are terribly slow. That is 30 seconds. Lag animation. Secondly, the comfort of using the system iTunes-«cards” in the App Store is extremely doubtful, at least in the current format. And third, the number of taps and scrolling required to access the information you need – that in itself is a spit on all property Jobs, who all his life sought by designers to the contrary.

Siri on the iPad 3
Guys, there’s nothing to see. This Siri, she said “hello”, “goodbye” and “I do not understand you.”

As predicted earlier, the interface of the voice assistant in the iPad adapted for “tablet” realities. He closes only a small part of the screen and is called a long press on Home. But otherwise it’s the same Siri, as on the iPhone. She understands the same requests and repeats all the same sad joke.

Microphone tablet excels is surprising, because I was talking to the opposite side of it, and even when the fan, boldly FOLLOWS right into the device. This did not affect the fact that Siri does not understand accents.

Performance and conclusions

iOS 6 of the primary variation of chuffed kind of secure employment – with just a few departures, the focus of which fits to the song and maps. Safari can also all of sudden “fall”, so please chorus from the introduction of a protracted piece within the net container, or reproduction them to the clipboard often. Battery spent clearly sooner, which, on the other hand, it’s frequently for the beta model from Apple. The gadget itself just isn’t slower than iOS 5. In my opinion, I might now not return to five.1.1, for getting used to the brand new retailer to now.

General, the brand new iOS provides even much less seen “buns” than iOS 5, and it’s certain to upset any person. Apart from the homeowners 3GS – for them now an actual deal with. It sounds as if, this unit “six” feels excellent.

All night time I suffered the primary beta model of the brand new firmware iOS and got here to the conclusion that a little bit unhappy. Even in its sixth reincarnation OSes Apple does now not need so much remodeled. Taking a look on the cult of “dopilivaniya» Android, and will also be exchanged for balance, which instills OS iPhone and iPad. Particularly as a result of many of the modifications in iOS 6 contains within the class of cosmetics and even imperceptible. However no arguing towards development.

So, it came about. The ultimate model of iOS 6 was once at last launched – to the pleasure of the struggling and hatred of beta testers, who once more gave the replace by the use of OTA. For 5 beta builds, the brand new cellular working gadget from Apple modified somewhat and removed the overwhelming majority of sores.

There is not any extra YouTube
Google has refused to resume the contract with Apple to put your software in iOS. Or vice versa. Anyway, the response used to be instant and originally very offended customers. If truth be told the whole lot used to be more straightforward. Nowadays in iOS 6 no YouTube, however it’s alive and hyperlink to, and within the App Retailer – however best within the model for iPhone.

iOS 6 shouldn’t be most effective packed stuffed with helpful options, but it surely additionally works simply as excellent 5.1.1 and chuffed little longer battery existence – at the least, in step with the beta testers. Chorus from upgrading, just for two causes: both you employ of locked iPhone, or you are no longer prepared to make use of the iOS with out jailbreaking. Within the first occasion please contact us right here, however the 2nd can handiest counsel to be affected person and stay up for a miracle from hackers.

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