We predict the introduction of the new iPhone as early as next month on September 12. By the September 21 will hopefully go on sale. However, it is important that Apple release the final version on iOS 6 in between. Several rumors have emerged in recent months, From what was seen from display parts, the new iPhone is protracted stays in width but identical. The resolution should be 1136 × 640 pixels, as was also known earlier.


9to5Mac has figured out today, how exactly the iOS 6 has scaled 1136 × 640 pixels. Thanks to 4-inch display, another set of icons (dock not included) are shown. On the iPhone, there are only four 4S Icon series (without dock).

Thanks to some adjustments to the IOS simulator in the IOS development programs, the simulator could be made to run on the above resolution. This was tested with the iOS 5.1 and iOS 6 simulator. The former is presente
d here with only four in the protracted Icon series, however, the latter introduced five rows of icons.

This should be confirmed that iOS 6, which will be preloaded to 99.99% on the new iPhone already, will get along well with larger displays. It scales perfectly to 1136 × 640 pixels.

Much more interesting is that the IOS 6 simulator does not have any other screen resolution correct. If the resolution to one of the 1136 × 640 pixels, the scalable screen will resemble an iPad-like home screen layout without the right proportions and distances on the iPhone and iPod touch screen.

There is still no proof, but the evidence speaks for itself. What we know for sure: IOS 6 supports major resolutions Whether on the new iPhone have 1136 × 640 pixels or not, we will see it in about a month
at the keynote. In addition to the 4-inch display, LTE, NFC, a new case and expected to have further improvements.

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