The Facebook integration into iOS 6 among other iPhone apps in the App Store will have the sharing option. In addition, the integration is very much similar to Twitter in iOS 5, according to 9to5Mac sources. Facebook will at various locations in iOS 6, ie: sharing a lot of pictures at once.



The integration’s biggest presence will be in the iOS photo application. Like you are able to send photos to Twitter from the Photos application, you will be able to post photos to Facebook. A single sign-on section for all Facebook connected applications is present in the iOS 6 system settings application.

Like with Twitter, a new “social sheet,” as some people familiar with the matter call it, will appear for an accompanying status message.

Apple will at every app in the App Store a like button-up, where users can express when they see an interesting application. The apps that you provide a like are then sent to your timeline, so your friends can see this also. The App Store in iTunes on your PC or Mac has been a while something similar: you can share an app on Facebook or Twitter, by clicking the arrow next to the download button. This shared apps are not of a like equipped.

Like Twitter, users can login to Facebook from the settings screen of the iPhone. This you do not even agree with Facebook to login if an app asks for this. In theory you would not go to the Facebook app will be sent to login.

9to5Mac cites the Facebook integration in iOS 6 similar to Twitter in iOS 5. Techcrunch comparing Twitter integration week, but, making a side note: because Facebook works with more permissions, the process behind placing a message from IOS a lot more complex. Both sources are based on sources: we know probably until after WWDC, which will offer iOS 6. Tim Cook suggested during  an interview at the All Things D conference that there are big plans with Facebook.


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