TechCrunch pointed out that  Apple's iOS 6 firmware offers a  full integration of the  Facebook app. It will be similar to the integration of Twitter in iOS 5This makes it easier to messages, photos and videos to post on Facebook and perhaps to read out information from Facebook profiles. In iOS 6 (code name "Sundance") will still need to be investigated how the sharing work


Share with Twitter is already almost fully integrated into IOS. Via the menu you get when numerous apps have the option to not only via sms or e-mail to exchange information, but also immediately to tweet. The Facebook links would be much the same way they work.

Both companies have been trying to merge to achieve this but so far without success. Now it seems to have finally arrived. Handy, because a lot of apps that run on IOS use the Facebook authentication, and that functionality can now be centralized.

After much speculation, Facebook integration will indeed be baked into the latest version of IOS, we've learned.

But the process is more complex, because there are many more permissions to be taken into account. You can use Twitter a lot clearer about who can see your posts and where you want to post something. Look at the way in which Twitter can be found in IOS, it is not everywhere possible to tweet, but there is chosen a number of apps like Safari and Photos.

In a never officially released build of iOS 4 is Facebook integration already found. That now suddenly shot into the matter is, no surprise: Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said in an interview on the D10 conference is "stay tuned" to questions about FacebookAlso, both companies seem more interested in the recent past each other. Facebook released the Camera on the Facebook iPhone App and Tim Cook called Facebook the company that most Apple see
Also, he said that both companies have mutual respect for each other. Steve Jobs a long time acted as a mentor for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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