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ios-703-logoA few minutes after the presentation of the new iPad tablet PCs and Mac, Apple issued a software update iOS 7.0.3, designed for mobile devices Apple. This update is supposed to fix numerous bugs and added ”  iCloud Keychain” function to allow passwords syn between Devices .

To install the  iOS 7.0.3 update, you can go to settings on your device while connected to iTunes and  to install the firmware. The links can be found on our download page.

 iOS 7.0.3 Features for iPhone, iPod touch , and iPad:

  • Adding function ” Keychain iCloud», designed to manage account names , passwords and credit card numbers for all confirmed user devices.
  • Adding function ” Password Generator ” designed to offer the Safari browser of unique, hard-to- guess passwords of user accounts .
  • Introducing a delay displaying ” Unlock ” on the lock screen when using the Touch ID.
  • Returning to the function Spotlight search capabilities on the internet and Wikipedia .
  • Fix a problem that led to the failure to send messages to devices iMessage some users.
  • Correction of an error that could prevent the activation iMessage.
  • Increased system stability when using software iWork.
  • Remedy calibrate the accelerometer.
  • Correction of an error that could lead to the use of lower voice quality in Siri and VoiceOver.
  • Fix a problem that could allow outsiders to bypass by entering the passcode on the locked screen .
  • Improved settings “Reducing motion” to reduce the effects of motion and animation.
  • Fix a problem that could lead to increased sensitivity of the input VoiceOver.
  • Update settings ” Bold ” in order to provide the ability to modify the text as the dial pad .
  • To correct this error , which could lead to a transition accompanied by unaccompanied devices when upgrading software.

In late September, Apple released iOS 7.0.2, which was released to pach two security vulnerabilities and added the ability to enter the passcode on the Greek keyboard. iOS 7.0.3, despite the serial number , a larger software update with a long list of new features and improvements.

Download iOS 7.0.3 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad


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