iOS replace fixes iPhone 5s sensor calibration concerns



In September iHelplounge reported complaints users iPhone 5s for improperly running sensors that determine the orientation of the device changes the angles . Inaccuracies of thousands of people have complained , but they were later confirmed by the words of experts . As reported by VentureBeat, the new software firmware iOS 7.0.3 Apple has solved the problem with an accelerometer iPhone 5s.

As it turned out earlier, the most error-prone was a standard compass in iOS 7. The direction of movement at times different from the iPhone 5 is 8-10 degrees ( both devices are running iOS 7). A similar situation was observed in embedded applications inclinometers and gyroscopes ( different from the performance of iPhone 5 were 2-3 degrees ) .

After installing the update iOS 7.0.3 test smartphone iPhone 5s began to show results close to the ideal , experts say.

“Smartphone in the middle of the photo – it’s iPhone 5s on the operating system iOS 7.0.3. It shows the deviation of 0.1 degrees. This margin of error , given that it is on the surface of the table. The machine in the foreground – it’s iPhone 5c. It has not yet been updated to iOS 7.0.3 and the deviation is close to that of the iPhone 5s to install a new OS “- writes VentureBeat.

Recall that in the iOS 7.0.3 update , Apple has also changed the animation that caused seizures in some users ‘ sea-sickness . ” When you use the option ” Reduce traffic ” off not only the parallax , but also some of the effects of motion user interface.

Apple issued a software update iOS 7.0.3, designed for mobile devices Apple, on Tuesday . The new firmware is suppose to fix numerous bugs and added ” icloud Keychain” to synchronize passwords between Devices .

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