iOS 7.1.1 significantly improved the iPhone and iPad battery life


battery-1Released this week, iOS 7.1.1 update has significantly increased battery life “apple” of mobile devices , according to Adrian Kingsley – Hughes from ZDNet. This is the conclusion arrived at by publishing the results of their testing.

Journalist tested how well the battery iPhone « holding ” charge six hours after normal use. On all firmware to version iOS 7.0 after a specified period of battery was at 74 %. Daylight “seven” has reduced battery life device, but then , after a few charge / discharge cycles it has returned to its previous level – helped battery calibration .

iOS 7.1 firmware, according to the website ZDNet, negatively affected the “autonomy” of its iPhone – in six hours using the device battery indicator showed only 48 %. iOS 7.1.1 has completely solved the problem , and even improved the situation with battery , says the columnist .

” Then came iOS 7.1.1, – says Adrian Kingsley – Hughes . – By installing this update , I noticed that the device is running much longer. Now, after six hours of normal use iPhone, the battery is at 76%. That is even better than with iOS 6 . “

IOS 7.1.1 update came out on April 22. Visible change in the firmware were only one thing: the App Store is now directly under the price tag of the application icon appears “Embedded purchases.” This is due to claims against Apple users whose children make purchases without their parents’ knowledge .

In addition to updating the App Store iOS 7.1.1 fixes a bug that allegedly violate the virtual keyboard iPhone and iPad, and improved work with Bluetooth- enabled keyboards sound system commands entered. Also in the update improved fingerprint recognition Touch ID on iPhone 5s.

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