The latest Apple firmware iOS 7 is a big and very important step in the development of iOS. Apple recorded numbers of downloads and promoted OS installation on the iPhone and iPad. However , not all people are eager to establish “seven” and updates to it : one does not like the design of the OS, others want to keep the jailbreak , and someone system simply is not supported because of the device age.

ios71b3_dHowever, when updates are available for most users have to say goodbye to the free space on your phone / tablet / player, even if they do not want to install the new version .

All this was before iOS 7.1. According to German website Macerkopf, to test the operating system found one important innovation – the downloaded installation file can be deleted from your mobile device . Option is not ideal , but still. Now you can free up space on the iPhone and iPad, has already got rid of the downloaded firmware.

According to the publication , in iOS 7.1 , the capacity of the section Statistics in the basic system configuration . Here steel displayed downloaded updates. In the above screenshot shows that the list ranked by the size of the application is updated «iOS 7.1 beta 3 ” size of 720 MB. To remove the firmware , you need to click on the title update and confirm the operation. Will update again loaded in Macerkopf not specify .

Incidentally, the lack of this feature in iOS 6 has been the subject of discontent California resident Mark Menachera who sued Apple. American accused last that she initiated the download installation file iOS 7 on all its devices. “Even if the user does not wish to update the operating system , the new firmware is automatically downloaded to his office without permission” – said Menacher .


Situation has overshadowed the fact that iOS 7 after unpacking takes about 3.1 GB of data . iPhone and iPad on iOS 6 image download servers Apple, and users have no way to remove it. The plaintiff demanded that Apple gave him the opportunity to delete the downloaded file , and $ 50 as compensation.

Currently, the trial continues. Perhaps that is user complaints and spodvigli Apple to integrate new functions in iOS 7.1.

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